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Some people

Some people just don’t get it. This can lead to confusion, frustration, and sadness because you are so sure, it is so obvious to you, but someone just doesn’t get it. They’re short sighted, or just not thinking¬† clearly, or they just don’t have the social awareness that they are being rude. They don’t get it.

The quicker you accept they don’t get it, and I mean really just accept that fact, the less it will bother you. I know, in a perfect world you should be able to explain it to them and reach an understanding. But let’s face it, you’re tired of having to explain things to people that don’t get it, or it’s embarrassing to have to explain it, and would it really help the situation? Would it help them to understand it in the future, or will they just revert to not getting it again? I’m sure the answers to those questions depend on the exact situation and people involved.

But really, what does it mean except that in the end we should just be grateful for the ones that do get it, and spend more time with them in order to keep your soul from getting bruised.